Grow Package

Grow is the complete package. It connects you with other badass moms. It inspired you as you juggle competing and sometimes contradictory responsibilities— like mothering and entrepreneurship. And it offers you a year’s worth of LIVE and On-Demand content meant to help you grow bottomline; your health and wellness habits and grow a mothering practice that honors your family without sacrificing you. Everyone around you levels up because of you. Now it’s your turn!
The Grow Package includes the following:

  • VIP Tour Box
  • Covet Suite
  • Books, Bullets and Babies Suite Plus
  • Love + Business: A Workshop on Honoring Your Heart and Dreams
  • 20% Discount on any IMU course

Dr. Sagashus Levingston

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  • a collective of game changing, smart, badass moms who grow with you as you accomplish your goals as a cohort
  • fun, engaging community-building discussions and activities
  • instructors who design courses that centers the needs of this community


  • at least a year of content to keep you focused on yourself and goals
  • a curricula that covers everything from building wealth and health to building a mothering practice that doesn't sacrifice you
  • package designed by Dr. Sagashus someone who understands in theory, practice and experience what it means to defy odds and accomplish impossible things

Cut Prices

  • save $2000+ on this bundle offered exclusively for the Nothing's Wasted tour
  • save an additional 20% on IMU classes
  • potentially save dollars in other areas of your life by investing in your dreams and vision
  • break cost down into a three-installment payment plan


  • more likely to accomplish your goals faster
  • more likely to inspire someone else to accomplish their goals (including your children)
  • a complete curriculum that invites you with the structure, tools and community to level up in your finances, health and more
Our great offer

Grow Package

VIP Tour Box
  • Covet: The "Disrespectful" Health and Wellness Journal (signed by author)
  • Books, Bullets and Babies card game
  • Infamous Mothers pen

Covet Suite
  • Covet: The "Disrespectful" Health and Wellness Retreat + Private Group
  • Covet: Still Disrespectful (12-Week Companion to the Journal Series) 

Books, Bullets and Babies Suite Plus
  • Books, Bullets and Babies Retreats series (four quarterly retreats covering topics ranging from wellness to entrepreneurship)
  • Books Bullets and Babies Private Group
  • Books, Bullets and Babies Monthly Challenge

  • Books, Bullets and Babies Companion Series

Love + Business: A Workshop on Honoring Your Heart and Dreams
20% Discount on any IMU course